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I'm Lucinda.... A Registered Nurse, former Birth Doula, wife, lover, mother, grandmother, daughter, and friend. I'm riding The Midlife Express and I don't want to ride alone! Come along with me on this magnificent, and sometimes turbulent journey known as life! I've always had a strong desire to help and to connect with others. This is an extension of that passion. Here we can discuss subjects that pertain to our midlife time of life.... Relationships, Marriage, Sex, Divorce, Adult Children, Grandchildren, Nutrition, Health/Wellness, Elder Parent Care, and more. I am working on a resource page that will link you to outside sites that contain important helpful information on a variety of topics. Pull in to the station and join me! I would like to invite your participation and comments on my blog. If you’re a blogger and would like to post as a guest, please contact me. I welcome guest bloggers! We are all traveling down our various paths in life and have much to learn from each other and to offer. Come in, have a look around and let's get to know one another. Come back often to check in, chat, or sign up to receive email updates! Thank you for visiting!

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A second chance at life…What they don’t tell you about life after cancer

A second chance at life…What they don’t tell you about life after cancer


  I don’t think there is one person reading this who has had cancer that can deny that it hasn’t changed them. My life took that sharp left turn toward the later part of 2016. This writing probably contains some sentiments felt by other cancer warriors who can relate but may not be able to […]

Added Sugars…Sweet Poison in Our Bodies

Added Sugars…Sweet Poison in Our Bodies

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  When I was growing up in the 60’s into the 70’s sugar was a rare treat as it was for most people that I knew. A piece of pie, cake, or some ice cream once in a while. Soda pop was a treat, not an everyday… all day… drink.  Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas […]

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